Large Printed Pennants - Club Pennants

Large Printed Sports Club Pennants for hanging in your Sports Stadium and presenting to visiting Football Teams, fully customised with your club colours.
As we can custom manufacture our Large Pennants, you can customise them for any Sporting Event throughout the year, for special occasions such as Cup Finals, Competitions, pre season Friendlies, or simply hanging in your Sports Clubhouse.
Just under A3 size, these will make an impact but leave a small enough footprint to hang in your Clubhouse or Trophy Cabinet.

  • Luxury Specialised Satin Material
  • Hanging Cord with Tassels
  • Luxury Top Rod with End Finials
  • Single, Two and Three Colour Cord and Fringes
  • High Resolution Printing Soft Feel

Additional Information

The Larger Pennants have an increase in cost, but if they are ordered with any other size, we can discount them so they are more affordable to your club

More area for your Sports Pennants Design and club crest, with plenty of space for additional text for any events you are participating in, or for that special occasion.

Fully customised with extra fringe around the Football Pennants to give them a luxury look to them.