Printed Mini Pennants - Small Pennants

Sports Team Mini Pennants to promote your Sports Cub or Competition Awards, small enough to hang in your car, display on your desk, or hang on your wall.
Smaller than A4 size, our Mini Sports Pennants are an ideal gift for the younger age group, or for a simple badge design with some text, to promote your club and players have a commemorative gift from a sports event.
They are of the same high quality as our larger sizes, so you are guaranteed a superb Small Gift Football Pennant at a discounted cost.

  • Luxury Specialised Satin Material
  • Hanging Cord with Tassels
  • Luxury Top Rod with End Finials
  • Single, Two and Three Colour Cord and Fringes
  • High Resolution Printing Soft Feel

Additional Information

We can supply the Printed Mini Pennants with window suction pads if required, either attached to the hanging cord, or merely hang onto the cup.

They come fully packaged on a backing card and inserted within a clear poly bag. Various sizes available, custom made to your specific measurements.

Also supplied as Car Pennants or for Football Associations, this type have no tassels but do have the hanging cord with fringe all round the Pennant.