Printed Football Pennants - Club Pennants

Superb quality custom personalised Printed Football Pennants for your Junior, Amateur and Professional Football Club, printed with your promotional design.
We have all watched a football match and the captains exchanged Football Match Pennants, we manufacture this popular presentation and commemorative gift to the highest quality.
Our Football Team Pennants are available to all age groups, not just professional Football Clubs. As you can see by our Pennants images, Junior and Amateur teams receive the same superb quality.

  • Luxury Specialised Satin Material
  • Hanging Cord with Tassels
  • Luxury Top Rod with End Finials
  • Single, Two and Three Colour Cord and Fringes
  • High Resolution Printing Soft Feel

Additional Information

These are popular for end of season presentations as an addition to medals and trophies, or Cup Final Football Pennants for winners and runners up, and even participating teams.

We can produce multiple modified designs per order, which means your Printed Promotional Pennants may have a generic design, with a design for going on tour overseas, and player awards.

With many offers available, custom sizes, quality Satin fully trimmed in various different colours and intermixed colour trims, purchase from the premier Football Pennants Manufacturer.