Printed Sports Pennants - Sports Club Pennants

Superb Quality and Service, this is what we offer for your Printed Sports Pennants at an affordable cost to your club. You will see by our many Sports Pennants images on our website pages, that we specialise in this product and have become the Premier Supplier in the UK.
Our dedication to producing Pennants for the many Sporting Clubs, as well as many other types of organisations, means we can control costs and quality to ensure your Promotional Printed Sports Pennants, will leave lasting impressions on your counterparts and players around the world.
Low quantity ordering, and we have the capacity to produce many thousands, custom sizes, many various shapes and styles exclusively to us, your number one stop for all your Pennants purchases.

  • Luxury Specialised Satin Material
  • Hanging Cord with Tassels
  • Luxury Top Rod with End Finials
  • Single, Two and Three Colour Cord and Fringes
  • High Resolution Printing Soft Feel

Additional Information

Our Printed Sports Pennants are produced using our own designed Satin Material which is luxury full body treble thickness custom designed Sports Pennants material.

With our advanced printing, which we have had many decades of experience, your custom design is embedded within the material, ensuring a complete soft feel to the Printed Pennants.

And of course, fully trimmed in Fringes and Tassels for that luxury appearance, with each item individually packaged until required, exclusive to us.